Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security

Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security offers unified security for any stage or scenario of your cloud journey. Suitable for both cloud migration and native cloud scenarios, it secures your physical and virtualized workloads whether running on-premise, in a data center, or in a public cloud.

Always-on security for always-on businesses

For small business owners   who have to deal with   everything themselves, it  can  be challenging to focus on growing their revenues while having peace of mind about their IT. They need protection that is effortless and reliable. Kaspersky Small Office Security combines the simplicity of home PC protection with special capabilities to keep your business safe while employees are working. With ‘set and forget’ security for 5-25 users, it protects your Windows and Mac PCs and laptops, as well as your Windows file servers, to secure the files you value most

Empower your business! Boost productivity and gain peace of mind with cost-effective, super reliable Kaspersky Small Office Security and achieve your ambitions. Because we get that your business is your big dream. We’re here to protect it! To learn more about Kaspersky Small Office Security contact our team. Advanced ransomware protection and rollback to prevent computer lockdown in the event of an accidental click File Encryption and Backup to secure your intellectual property and trade secrets Safe Money to pay bills and taxes online with confidence. Android device protection so your employees can work safely from their personal smartphones and tablets. Built-in vulnerability scanning to ensure the business apps you use are safe from intrusion

A single security solution for all your IT security needs

• All you need to protect Windows desktops and file servers, Mac OS devices, iOS, and
Android mobiles, and even Microsoft Office 365*
• Easily sign up for an account instead of getting tied up in hardware and software
• EDR provides incident visibility, simple investigation tools and effortless response to detect threats and reveal their full scope and origins
• EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) preview 2021 and Kaspersky Security for
Microsoft Office 365 are included in Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus

Be anywhere and protect anywhere

• Be anywhere and protect anywhere using a cloud-based console
• Secure geographically separated offices, home or field-based workers, at their desks or on
the go regardless of device type
• Enable remote encryption to make sure your corporate data is safe, even if a device gets lost
or stolen

Take control of the cloud

• Shadow IT discovery to reveal and manage uncontrolled sharing of corporate data in the
cloud as well as users wasting time on social media and messengers.
• Ensure compliance readiness with a Data Discovery audit of your personal and financial
data in the cloud
• Enable safe collaboration and communication in Microsoft Office 365 – protection for all its
major apps is already included in Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus